Countdown to THE FINAL CHAPTER: Saw IV

Continuing the interesting and seemingly never-ending plot line seen in Saw III, Saw IV was another one of the series that focused on plot line rather than the gore and violence that was seen in the first three movies.  Here are the traps from Saw IV:

Mausoleum Trap

Knife Chair Trap

Hair Pull Trap

Bed Trap

Rod Pull Trap

R2R’s Thoughts on Saw IV after the Break.

Bryan’s Take

I believe strongly that Saw IV is the low point for the series.  Continuing what was started in Saw III and continuing with the plot like detracted off of another plot line, Saw IV attempts to make a connection in the series and tries to make sense of Jigsaw’s motives, but to mixed results.  By this time in the series, the storyline has become irrelevant and the entire film.

Andy’s Take

Unlike Bryan, I thought Saw IV was somewhat an improvement from Saw III.  In this installment the audience is show Jigsaw’s horrible past that has led him to the maniacal genius we see in the series. That is a nice touch to a series that was starting to lose its identity.  The traps are still like Saw III but the story line isn’t as confusing until the end, where so much is going on, you’re not sure what’s going on.  Saw IV is a decent installment, but could have used some fine tuning.


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