Countdown to THE FINAL CHAPTER: Saw II

After Saw hit the theaters and did relatively well in the box office and positive word of mouth, it was only a matter of time before the sequel found its way to theaters.  That is where Saw II came in.  More people, more traps, more gore was the creed of Saw II. So we ask you: What’s your favorite Saw II trap?

In case you forgot, here are links to the YouTube Videos of the Traps

Furnace Trap

Needle Trap

Venus Fly Trap

Hand Trap

R2R Crew’s Take on Saw II after the break.

Bryan’s Take

Continuing the plot line of the first movie, Saw II kept a high amount of the magic and the disturbing nature that made the first film work, while stepping the game up a bit for gore-hungry audiences.  The situation given to the people in the house was harrowing, find the antidote within hours before the airborn poison killed them.  Add on top of that a tense confrontation between Donnie Wahlberg’s character and Jigsaw, and overall the film worked well.  The main issue was that the level of originality seen in the first Saw movie was gone, and as a result, the movie became similar and somewhat boring. The ending once again strikes a cord, but overall, not as good as the first.

Andy’s Take

Saw II takes the traps from the original and cranks them up a few notches.  The traps in the sequel are genuinely horrifying and will leave even the coolest of viewers cringing in disgust.  The narrative is a little more complex than the original and is just as satisfying.  However, despite everything being taken up a level or two, Saw II just doesn’t seem to have the same magic that made the first so noteworthy.  It seems as if the sequel just tries to hard to be the original.  There is no doubt that Saw II is a worthy successor, but it is not nearly up to the level of its predecessor.


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