Predators Review

By: Bryan Montgomery (
Rating: 7 out of 10

In the 1980s, science fiction horror films were known by two names; Alien and PredatorPredator has had a rough shelf life, never having the definitive, successful sequel like the Alien series had with Aliens, as a sub-par sequel released in the early 90s.  However, that all changed this summer with the theatrical release of Predators.  Although not an improvement or a movie on the same level as the 1980s original, Predators still stacks the scares and does what it set out to do; entertain.

Predators centers around a group of individuals dropped off in a strange environment.  It turns out that these strangers are murderers and criminals, and they have been dropped off on an alien planet full of evil predators, whose only objective is to hunt.  A massive manhunt ensues with the predators savagely hunting the humans, who at the same time are attempting to find a way off the planet.

It’s difficult for any film to present itself the same way that the first Predator movie did, but Predators takes the same formula used to perfection in the first movie to a very good result.  For those who watched the first movie, there is a great deal of similarity and deja vu that you will see in the movie.  However, the best parts of the Predator franchise is present in this movie.  Some of the characters are simply disturbed, and many are not who they seem to be.  There are some absolutely brutal kills in the film, many of which that will satisfy gore addicts (someone’s spine literally gets ripped out while he is still alive).  And lastly, the movie is simply fun to watch and fun to enjoy for a 90-minute getaway.

The cast is strong with Adrian Brody taking the lead in the movie.  One would expect that someone like Brody would want to play the hero, while that is not the case in this movie.  Brody along with the rest of the leads are all conniving and evil, and show it throughout the film.  Lawrence Fishburne makes a wild and quick appearance in the film, but the scenes with him are among the best in the film.

But the highlight of the film, the Predators, simply don’t have the same impact that they had during the 1980s.  Obviously, the fans know that the creatures will be seen at some point, and as a result the suspense coming to the point of revelation seems more like a time-waster instead of an actual smart move.  Although it absolutely pains me to say it, maybe a more rapid revealing of the creatures like what has been seen in Alien vs. Predator would have worked better than how Predators does it.  Fans want to see the Predators taking out poor human being, not be mysterious for 40 minutes.

Anyone who enjoyed the first Predator film and has been eagerly waiting for its true sequel need not worry, Predators is that sequel.  Although it’s not a fantastic success, it’s successful and entertaining enough to satisfy major fans.  If Predator wasn’t your thing in the first place, Predators won’t change your mind.  But for fans, it’s a must-see.


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