Get Him to the Greek Review

By: Bryan Montgomery (
Rating: 8.5 out of 10

When 2008’s Forgetting Sarah Marshall came out, one major factor from the movie resonated with all that experienced it.

“Aldous Snow is such an idiot!”

Get Him to the Greek is a movie that spins off the 2008 romantic comedy by mixing great, offensive humor with a solid cast that ultimately makes up one of 2010’s best comedies.

Aaron Green (Jonah Hill) is an up and coming talent scout for a Los Angeles record company headed by Sergio Roman (Sean “Diddy” Combs).  Green comes up with the idea go find Aldous Snow (Russell Brand), and bring him back to play at the Greek Theater for his ten-year anniversary of his first successful concert at the same theater.

Get Him to the Greek is absolutely hilarious, and a primary reason for that is the cast that is put in front of the screen.  Since Superbad Jonah Hill has exploded onto the scene as one of the best comedians in the business, and as a result he has been able to perform regularly as a top-notch joke timer and executor, and that is easy to see in the new film.  Hill and Brand together are a great tandem that make every moment on the screen well worth the wait, and the addition of P. Diddy only makes things better, as Combs steals the show in every scene that he’s in.

With an ensemble cast, the film avoids the threats of monotony to create an individual movie instead of a spin-off.  One of the major fears of many Hill or Brand fans was that this film was simply a spin-off of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but Get Him to the Greek ends up being so much more, mixing in enough heart with the humor to result in a great film.

The pacing of the movie is also fantastic, as Snow is shoved from one location to the other in his preparation of the show at the Greek, only to have something absolutely hilarious come in the way and put a stop to Green’s plans.  The highlight of the film is the chaotic scene in Las Vegas, in which everything comes to a breaking point, and for surprise’s sake, it’s safe to say that the scene is worth it.

What the killer for this movie may be for many is the fact that this is a movie about sex, drugs, and rock and roll.  It’s not subject material that will impact everyone, but if you like rock music and find humor out of the life of a rock star, this is definitely the movie for you.  Aldous Snow lives the life of a Rock Star, and it is not a healthy life style, but it sure is funny.

Get Him to the Greek is at the same level as The Hangover.  It seems on its surface like a dumb comedy, but manages to transcend the norm and create an absolutely hilarious film that many will enjoy.  Hill and Brand have great chemistry, and the overall film works better due to that chemistry. Throw in an unorthodox but hilarious Sean Combs, and you have the best comedy of 2010, and it’s going to be hard to knock off Get Him to the Greek.


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  1. Raunchy, but plenty of funny dialogue with some surprising emotional weight. Who knew P. Diddy was so hilarious?! Just wish I had something better since a lot of this comedy is just based around one dirty situation, after another. Good review, check out mine when you can!

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