Box Office Recap: October 24

By: Bryan Montgomery (

Paranormal Activity 2 took the weekend with a gross of $41.5 Million over three days, not surprising anyone with its ability to draw a crowd, the new horror sequel grabbed the top spot away from Jackass 3-D, which had to settle for second.  Here are the final numbers for the weekend:

Top Ten Box Office: October 24 (New Releases in Bold)

1.) Paranormal Activity 2 – $41.5 Million
2.) Jackass 3-D – $21.6 Million
3.) Red – $15.0 Million
4.) Hereafter$12.0 Million
5.) The Social Network$7.3 Million
6.) Secretariat – $6.9 Million
7.) Life As We Know It – $6.2 Million
8.) Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole – $3.2 Million
9.) The Town – $2.7 Million
10.) Easy A – $1.8 Million

Monty’s Take on this weekend’s box office after the break.

Monty’s Take

Paranormal Activity 2 grabbing the top spot is no surprise.  It was going to have a big crowd due to the positive word of mouth from critics, and having the release be the week before Halloween was a smart choice, you don’t want to battle Saw: The Final Chapter for the fans next weekend.  What I was more disappointed with is Hereafter, with the high publicity it was receiving I thought for sure it would drop at least $15 Million, but fell short mainly due to the critics’ mixed reviews.  It may remain consistent for its release, but from this perspective, Hereafter looks like it might bomb out. But good for the box office this year continuing its hot streak and attempting to make sure that the low numbers of attendance last year do not remain valid for this year.


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