Jackass 3-D Review

By: Andy Chruscicki (www.twitter.com/FilmGuy629)
Rating: 8 out of 10

When Jackass started in 2000 as a show on MTV, many critics thought it wasn’t going to last because of its controversial content.  Those critics were wrong because 10 years later Jackass is still as relevant as it was back then and is now releasing a third film titled Jackass 3D.

Johnny Knoxville and the rest of the gang return for a third round of debauchery that delivers just as many laughs as the first two mindless installments.  The catch is this time around they’re using 3D technology to help escalate their fun. It is utilized well through a few skits throughout the film that one can tell were specifically done for the 3D technology.

The film is essentially one long episode much like the last two films.  What made this film stand out from the previous films is the utilization of cameras.  In many of the pranks and skits there are two or three cameras placed in very good spots so nothing is missed.  This allows the audience to see every angle of someone being injured or what ever bodily fluid is being secreted at the time, which oddly enhances the movie viewing experience.

Despite being criticized for having little sophistication and little intelligence, the Jackass boys have gotten their “art” down to a science.  The level of how well their pranks are put together and executed has done nothing but increase.

The pranks that have noticeably gotten better as the film progressed are the ones the boys play in public.  Jackass 3D features a few of those and all of them are painstakingly funny and enjoyable to watch unfold.

What have also gotten better are the pranks the boys play on each other.  The film offers plenty of those and all of them good but will also take many male audience members back to the days when they used to play pranks on their friends.

However, the biggest problem with this movie though is the use of bodily parts and fluids.  Everything from male genitalia and fecal matter is used to a great extent in the film.  The thing is though if they weren’t used, it wouldn’t be a Jackass movie.

The camaraderie between the boys has become surprisingly charming over the years and this new installment into this saga is no exception.  It is obvious just by watching the film that this group of boys are the best of friends and have only become closer as the years have gone by.

One could also go as far as to say that the Jackass crew has become The Three Stooges of our generation.  If you don’t agree at least think about it because the more you do, the more you might find yourself realizing the thought really isn’t as crazy as it seems.

Critics can judge these films all they want but even though the films may be sickeningly funny, they are extremely enjoyable to watch and are naturally hilarious from beginning to end.  That is saying something considering how many inconsistent and disappointing comedies are released these days.

Jackass 3D is disgusting, raucous, disturbing, genuinely funny and will be enjoyed by fans of the show and any one looking for a good laugh.


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