Trailer of the Day: Faster

Today’s trailer is for the film Faster starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.  For full analysis, click read more.

Faster marks Johnson’s return to the action genre that introduced him as an actor.  It tells the story of Driver (Johnson), a man who has been in jail for the past 10 years after a robbery he and his brother committed went horribly wrong and his brother’s murder.  Now, Driver is out of jail and isn’t going to let anyone get in the way of his vengeance.

The film looks very promising, especially considering Johnson is a rising star in not only action films, but all of film.  It is already been seen what Johnson brings to action films with previous releases like The Rundown and Walking Tall.  It will be interesting however to see if after a hiatus from the genre to see if he can still bring the heat and if he can, will he bring more to the genre than he did before?  If he does, the film is guaranteed to do well just like his other films.  The premise behind this film looks interesting and seems to be bringing pure action and adrenaline upon it’s release.  Until that day though, one can only speculate to whether Faster will be another good entry in to an already impressive resume for Johnson.


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