Box Office Predictions: October 15th-17th

Changing pace from last week where no big movies were released, to this week with two films that are guaranteed to pull in big numbers.  One of them has Johnny Knoxville and the gang back for another round and this time their taking it to the next dimension with the release of Jackass 3D.  The other film is RED which features more big name actors than you can shake a stick at.  For analysis to see where these movies will land this week click read more.

Andy’s Take

It doesn’t take a genius to know which of these two new releases is going to take the top spot.  Jackass 3D is more than likely going to follow in the footsteps of its predecessors and take the number one spot away from The Social Network which has been impressive in taking the #1 spot two weeks in a row.  The Social Network may be getting strong numbers but it isn’t strong enough to resist the amount of people who will be filling in to the theaters to see Jackass.  RED should also do very well too.  With Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich and Helen Mirren staring, it would be hard to think that it isn’t going to make a considerable amount in its first week.  What is interesting to think about is what RED could do if it wasn’t up against the mindless juggernaut that is Jackass.  unfortunately we’ll never know but here are my predictions (New films in Bold):

1 ) Jackass 3D – 31.5 Million

2 ) RED – 14.2 Million

3 ) The Social Network – 10.8 Million

4 ) Life as We Know It – 8.1 Million

5 ) Secretariat – 7.2 Million

6 ) Legend of the Guardians – 4.6 Million

7 ) The Town – 4.1 Million

8 ) Wall Street 2 – 3.4 Million

9 ) Easy A – 2.5 Million

10) My Soul to Take – 1.7 Million


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