Box Office Prediction: October 8-10

This week is certainly not a weekend with any big openings.  In fact its the most calm weekend for new releases since before May.  The three films opening this weekend are Secretariat, Life as We Know It, It’s Kind of a Funny Story and My Soul to Take.  For more analysis from some Reel 2 Reality members click read more.

Andy’s Take

No offense but this one of the most pathetic weekends I have seen in a long time.  There are really no contenders for the number one spot.  With that said however I would not be surprised if one of these films came out of nowhere and snagged the top spot because there has been such little hype around them.  Secretariat looks like it could be an interesting film but it doesn’t seem to have enough momentum going in to this weekend to take the top spot.  Life as We Know It will definitely bring in the females but it wont be enough to knock off The Social NetworkIt’s Kind of a Funny Story looks promising with Hangover star Zach Galifianakis as the lead, but hasn’t really generated any buzz at all. The only film I could see having a surprisingly good week is My Soul to Take. Not only because its in 3D, but its from Wes Craven, arguably the greatest horror film director of our generation.  Outside of that, expect a quiet box office this weekend.


My Predictions (New Films in Bold):

1 ) The Social Network – 16.3 Million

2 ) Secretariat – 15.4 Million

3 ) Legend of the Guardians – 9.1 Million

4 ) My Soul to Take – 8.6 Million

5 ) Life as We Know It – 7.5 Million

6 ) Wall Street 2 – 6. 4 Million

7 ) The Town – 5.3 Million

8 ) Easy A – 3.8 Million

9 ) You Again – 3.1 Million

10 ) It’s Kind of a Funny Story – 2.4 Million


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