Trailer of the Day: Red

Every now and then, a movie comes along that is ensured to knock people off their feet.  Many have started to believe that Red is going to be one of those films, as early word coming in thus far is only pointing in the positive direction.  The plot is simplistic, as former CIA agents battle those who have betrayed them and are attempting to murder them.  Sounds simplistic at first, but gets much more interesting when you throw in the following names: Willis.  Mirren.  Freeman.  Malcovich.  But enough said, here is the trailer for Red.

Trailer Breakdown after the break.

Bryan’s Take

This movie is going to be fun, and should be a fantastic distraction during the fall.  Bruce Willis has finally realized what his place is in Hollywood, not necessarily a joke, but he’s an action star who people love seeing get beat up.  Throw in Morgan Freeman and Helen Mirren…I’m excited, and it’s hard not to be.  With all due respect, I never thought that I would see Helen Mirren firing a massive machine gun towards an oncoming SUV.   Adapted from a DC comic, the slow but steady progression and positive word-of-mouth that have been spread thus far about Red are only pointing towards this movie impressing a lot of people, and being a whole bunch of fun in the meantime.


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