Box-Office Recap: Sept. 29

Another solid week in the box office, but not without some disappointments.

Here are the numbers from the weekend:

1.) Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps – $19.0 Million
2.) Legend of the Guardians – $16.3 Million
3.) The Town – $16.0 Million
4.) Easy A – $10.7 Million
5.) You Again – $8.3 Million
6.) Devil – $6.5 Million
7.) Resident Evil: Afterlife – $4.9 Million
8.) Alpha and Omega – $4.7 Million
9.) Takers – $1.7 Million
10.) Inception – $1.2 Million

Box Office breakdown after the break.

Needless to say, a weak opening at best for Wall Street, as the hype surrounding this new release was very high.  What is more surprising is firstly the moderate success that has been found by Legend of the Guardians.  Not a lot of people knew that Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen) was behind this animated movies, and for late September, $16.3 is a modest opening.

It’s also easy to see that the carryover power of The Town is working well.  The Ben Affleck-directed crime drama averaged $5,556 per theater, which was the highest among the top ten releases this week in the box office.  If the movie was playing in the same amount of theaters as Wall Street, The Town would have remained at number one.  In terms of the staying power of last week’s releases, both The Town and Easy A lost less than 40% of their audiences, losing 32.67% and 39.66% respectively, but Devil became the victim of the weekend, losing 47.28% of its audience, which is normal for a horror flick with little to offer besides chills.

What is happening this week is expected and not surprising at all; the box office numbers are down, and not a lot of movement in the top ten.  One movie that can take advantage of that is Inception, which still has not dropped out of the top ten, although that streak may end this weekend with both The Social Network and Let Me In hitting theaters.  Regardless, ten weeks in the top ten and a $287 Million draw is very acceptable for a Christopher Nolan movie, and is easily his highest-grossing non-Batman movie.

Although Wall Street dissapointed and The Town stuck around for another week, next week begins the October swing in which a few big hitting movies hit the screen, so overall numbers should be up starting next week.


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