Box Office Prediction: October 1-3

This week we have 3 newcomers to the box office.  The one guaranteed to make noise is David Fincher’s The Social Network, the loosely based film adaption of the story of Facebook.  The other two being the horror films, Case 39 and Let Me In. For Andy and Monty’s takes on this weeks box office click read more

Andy’s Take

There’s really only one big film opening this weekend and that is The Social Network. There has been so much buzz around this film already it might as already be named the winner of the weekend.  The other two will open to more than likely average numbers but it’ll be interesting nonetheless to see where they land on Sunday.

Predictions: (New Releases in Bold)

1)  The Social Network: $26.5 Million

2)  Wall Street 2: $16.8 Million

3)  Legends of the Guardians: $14.4 Million

4)  The Town: $ 13.8 Million

5)  Let Me In: $11.3 Million

6)  Case 39: $10.2 Million

7)  Easy A: $7.8 Million

8)  You Again: $5.6 Million

9)  Devil: $4.2 Million

10)  Resident Evil: AfterLife: $3.7 Million

Monty’s Take

The Social Network has gotten a lot of attention, and rightly deserved; the film should be big this upcoming weekend.  The reviews coming through are unanimously for the new David Fincher drama, and all the lights are pointing towards The Social Network becoming one of the movies that surprises audiences and the box office alike.

That said, it’s hard to think that Let Me In won’t get some kind of attention this weekend in the box office.  Although the movie hasn’t gotten a high amount of word-of-mouth like The Social Network has, but it has gotten enough where it’s hard to believe that it won’t hit over $10 Million it’s first weekend.  Wall Street has no staying power, it proved that by the low draw it got last week. As Andy mentioned, this is going to be a hard week to predict besides the assured success of The Social Network, but expect a good draw regardless.

Box Office Predictions:(New Movies in Bold)

1.) The Social Network: $28.3 Million

2.) Let Me In: $15.4 Million

3.) Wall Street 2: $12.3 Million

4.) Legend of the Guardians: $10.3 Million

5.) The Town: $9.9 Million

6.) Case 39: $8.5 Million

7.) Easy A: $7.3 Million

8.) Devil: $6.4 Million

9.) You Again: $3.4 Million

10.) Resident Evil: Afterlife: $1.9 Million


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