Inception Review

By: Andy Chruscickitaken from

Christopher Nolan has done it again.  The director behind such memorable films as The Dark Knight and Memento has once again taken movies to a spellbinding level with his latest film Inception.  More after the break.

The film revolves around Dom Cobb (played by Leonardo Dicaprio) who has long been an Extractor.  What an Extractor does is steal ideas or secrets from a target they are hired to steal from.  The way an Extractor obtains these secrets is by working with other Extractors and together they plot to get their target to fall asleep using a very intricate sleep-inducing device.  Once the target is asleep, the Extractors explore the targets dream and brain in hope of finding and stealing the idea or secret.

Now Cobb’s past as well as his criminal record have caught up to him and is offered the chance to have his criminal record wiped clean by doing one last job.  The catch is he and his team must attempt to pull off the near impossible task of Inception.  Inception is instead of stealing an idea, Cobb and his team must try and plant an idea in the brain of the heir to a billion dollar business.  However, Cobb slowly starts to find Inception is even harder when he himself is his biggest enemy.

What makes this film so special and intelligent is that the film essentially has no boundaries.  The universe within the film is always expanding and has limitless possibilities.  This element alone makes the film awe-inspiring and fantastic.  Along with that it allows the film to stand out as well and create its own identity within the cinematic universe.

Inception also makes you think but not too much where if you miss a little bit of the film you’ll be completely lost.  What the film also is does is makes you think even after the film is done and in this age of filmmaking, thinking after a film has rolled its credits means the film is something special.

Another great thing about this film is the supporting cast, many of which have been in other Nolan directed films.  Cilian Murphy, Michael Caine and Ken Watanabe all make their second or third appearance in a Nolan film with Inception.  All of them do a really good job making you realize how important a supporting cast really is when it comes to making a film.  If the supporting cast isn’t on the same level as everything else in the film it can hurt it, and Inception avoids this commonly overlooked downfall.

Along with all of this film does a good job at balancing all the elements within it such as action, suspense and the comedy that is sprinkled throughout the film.  The movie starts suspenseful and from there rarely lets up, there are twists and turns and non-stop excitement from beginning to end.

Nolan’s dream is realized on screen with near perfection and hits its mark and delivers arguably the best film of the summer and easily the best science fiction film of the past decade.


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